Our commitment

Our commitment is to take care of you and accompany you every day to help you improve your well-being and quality of life.

With highly bioavailable active ingredients, we work every day to offer solutions to your needs that are more effective and respectful of your body.

Our products

At Bechi we care about caring for and respecting your body from the inside. For this reason, our products, formulated and manufactured in Spain, do not contain heavy metals, genetically modified ingredients, hormones, pesticide residues, organic phosphorus or dioxins. We use raw materials from high quality natural extracts and in high concentrations for maximum effectiveness.

In our wide range you will find 14 lines of products focused on different needs, as well as a line of nutricosmetics, for the skin and figure care, and a sports supplement line, to help you achieve better performance and recovery.

Our processes

Our laboratory team strictly controls the quality of product development.

In addition to strict controls during the development process, our laboratory has a system of microbiological control, cleanliness control, storage and waste management.

All BECHI product formulations have obtained EU health certification and have been registered with the Federal Agency for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environmental Services (SPF) of Belgium (European Union). Our products are manufactured in accordance with all EU production standards for food supplements.

Bechi also carries out external studies and analyses to guarantee the safety and efficacy of our products.

Presencia internacional

Bechi se encuentra en proceso de expansión internacional, abriendo nuevos mercado en Europa y consolidándose como marca líder en ventas de complementos alimenticios en el mercado asiático.

La ciencia detrás de nuestros productos.

En BECHI estamos comprometidos con la formación e investigación. Es por ello que
desarrollamos y colaboramos activamente con universidades españolas como la Universidad de Alicante, la Universidad de Barcelona y la Universidad Miguel Hernández, en investigaciones, estudios sobre la actividad de nuestras fórmulas y convenios de colaboración para trabajar mano a mano en el descubrimiento y desarrollo de nuevas técnicas y activos.